Nottingham Carnival 2019

See what the Nottingham Post had to say about the 2019 Nottingham Carnival. 

The line-up at the Soca Village was Kollision Band; Mellonie Page Band; Lisa Hendricks & Project US Band; Roxxies Sound; Sensation Sounds; Bhinasha and KaideCoolKid .

The line-up on the Rudes Sound Stage was DJ Rudes; Gamrock (Esco-Bar & Stuffy Brown); Dj Dibz; D Dot & Krugger; DJ Kyse; KB and Dred One & Friends.

The line up on the Roots* and Culture stage was Success (Revival Set); Sugar MC; Undertaker; Daddy Russell and General Sharpatone.

The line-up at the D9 Village was One Step; Fever; BFG and Dialtone.

The line-up at the Afrobeat zone was DJ Wallexy; DJ Finzy; DJ Hijay and DJ Super.

On the Parade we had the following troupes: 

  • Majestic UK (London)
  • Origin Moko Jumbies (UK & Trnidad)
  • ABC Dance School & Nottingham School of Samba (Nottingham)
  • Fying Free with Can Samba (Nottingham)
  • Ancestors Troupe
  • UK Trini- revellers & Nostalgia Steelband
  • Inspire Urself (Nottingham)
  • Cultural Routes Carnival Troupe (Derby)
  • St Kitts & Nevis & Friends (Luton)
  • Empire Rush (Leicester)
  • Sensational Vibes (Leicester)
  • Xtreme Mas (Leicester)
  • AnonyMas (Leeds)
  • Nottingham African Community (Nottingham)
  • Pure Elegance (Huddersfield)
  • Zodiac All Stars (Nottingham)
  • Tuntum Housing & Yasmin Long (Nottingham)
  • Rampage (Luton)